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New Month Text Messages For Your Loved Ones December 2023

Happy December 2022 Text Messages!

Beyond the joy of the holiday season, beyond the emotions associated with the season, it is expedient to connect personally with our family, friends, well-wishers, and loved ones in general. One of such ways is by sending heartfelt messages to them, a bunch of which are provided on this page.


Happy New Month Text Messages for Spouse – December 2023

  1. Taking a dutiful retrospect of the year has done a lot of gratitude to my heart and reaffirmed an earnest truth in my heart that you, my love, are a superhero. This December wouldn’t only be all about Christmas and the end of the year, but also of our love which has endured for yet another year more. Happy new month, baby.
  2. Sweet sweet things will accompany the jingles of this season’s bells. And I’m confident in the promises of God to crown the year for you, my love, with goodness. Happy new month, baby. Chin up! It’ll be a December to remember.
  3. The ride of the year is closing in on the inevitable end, and I’m grateful to God and to you. Thank you for staying, baby, and for standing true through the thick and thin. This December will be more than just a relief. It’ll be a compensation, an icing, and a wholesome blend of everything sweet and beautiful. Happy new month, sweet.
  4. I wish we were still kids who without a care in the world simply bask in the euphoria of the season. But now that God has blessed us with our kids, we couldn’t be more thankful right? I’m aware of the pressure that the season brings, but I’m right here rooting for you, love; believing in you firmly that even if things don’t o as planned, it will for us still be a season filled with more of all we have prayed for. Cheers to your position and worth in my life, love. You earned it for another December!
  5. Happy new month, baby. A toast to the blooming of our love, the sweetness of the season and to higher aspirations that the year will end with. A toast to this December and to many of them to share together for as long as we have our breath.


Happy New Month Text Messages for Friends December 2023

  1. Happy new month, Bud. May this December greet you kindly with divine acceleration on whatever your hands find to do. It’s only December, but hey, the year is not yet over. Fighting Still, BRO!!!
  2. it’s December again!!! I anticipate a proper friendship-versary celebration this December. But even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll take pleasure in killing two birds with this stone: to wish you a happy new month and tell you that you mean so much to me.
  3. Welcome to December, my friend. To be very blunt, your life will flaunt God’s glory throughout this month. But not only that, for you, my friend, will live happily in His glory ever after. Cheers Happy new month dude.
  4.  It may not look like it friend, but God has raised you as a Champion to shake the world. You shall be invited to counsel kings of nations. You’re a genius and your December must Bloom!
  5. Let go of the disappointments of the past months into the silent limbo of the past. Let them all go Breathe and live, for this December will come with a lot of good things happening fast. Don’t give up yet; God’s not done yet.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Fathers – December 2023

  1.  According to that Scripture that often raise with us, dad, that better is the end than the beginning of a matter, I pray that this last month of the year ushers in more of Joy and Peace for you. This December dad, may you always be happy every single day. Happy new month, daddy.
  2.  30 days more to the New Year, and 335 days gone in your present past. And so I pray for you dad, that in this month you reap bountiful seeds of the labours sown in the past 11 months. everything. Amen. Happy New month, father.
  3. Hey, Dad. This will be a December you will always remember! And why? Because you will never be an observer of His doings but the Blessed because the glory of the Lord will shine so much on you than you’ve always been discovered. Happy December, papa!
  4. Eleven months wrestled to the ground of oblivion, dad. I’m so happy that in all, you conquered. As you have crossed into the last month of the year, may God never be crossed with you. Keep winning, father., and let’s do to December the same we did to others.
  5. I see lots of news coming your way in this month, dad. And you heard it first here that they will be good news concerning all of your children and all that you do. It’s a good-news-only December, Dad. Happy new month!!!

Happy New Month Text Messages for Mothers – December 2023

  1. Happy new month with a quick newsflash, mother:  Please know that God is still in the business of loving and blessing you and yours. So there should be no room for anxieties this DECEMBER. Okay, mother? Happy new month.
  2. I remember how I spent a lot of Decembers watching you go through a myriad of things to keep everyone happy, and so I could relate first hand with your feelings. And so, mom, as long as God lives, you will smile and not cry. And you will end this year on a happy note. Beyond a casual wish,  it will indeed be a Happy New Month.
  3. No pressures again mom, just goodness and mercies and full enjoyment of God’s pleasures. May the peace of God that surpasses human understanding rest upon you this yuletide season. Happy New month of December, mom. Indeed, in it, we shall merry.
  4. Happy new month, sweet mother. I’m convinced that in it, there will ge heralding of great things. Jewels, dews and the giftings of heaven shall consistently rest on you mom, and all yours. Many more Decembers to witness, in Jesus’ name.

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