Seek God Early
Seek God Early

New Month Text Messages and Wishes for October 2023

New Month Text Messages For Your Loved Ones.

It’s October and two months to the end of the year!

New months bring with them great expectations, hopes, and possibilities, inspiring prayers and wishes that you may want to share with your loved ones to let them know how you feel about and toward them, as well as to bolster and encourage them. This page has a variety of messages that you can share on your social media stories or email to your parents, spouse, friends, or family members.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Spouse

  1. Hey there, love. Nine months of being together is just a tease. To live and do more together in October is a privilege I’m embracing with opened arms. I hope and pray that October ushers us into a season of harvest and bring us God’s best. Happy new month my dear.
  2. This marriage keeps getting sweeter and stronger because Jesus keeps bearing us in His everlasting arms. May October be an even more translation into a better phase of glory. Happy new month to you my best friend and lover.
  3. A new, happy month has begun, and I already perceive October pouring with the best of God. May He satisfy us, fill us with all divine benefits and joy as broad as the sea. I’m convinced October will be a vast improvement on the previous months. Happy new month, my love. I love you.
  4. A multiplication of mercy, an increase of grace, an addition of blessings and a surplus of peace shall be your portion this month, my love. Happy new month my dear.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Friends

  1. Hey friend, I’ve watched your resilient labors and diligence this year, and all I can do is pray that in this month of October, you reap the harvest. Happy New Month, my friend.
  2. May October breathe a season of freshness upon every of September’s heaviness. Don’t throw in the towel just yet because October will brim with surprises and filled with laughter.
  3. Being friends with you is a gift and everyday, I am grateful for it. As we continue together this October, may things only get better and brighter. Happy new month, my friend.
  4. Wishing you, my beloved friend, a happy new month. May your sun always stay up in the sky and light up your world. Thanks for being a part of my life and being instrumental to my becoming. Happy new month dear.
  5. This for you will be an October to remember for good. It is as simple as that! Happy new month my friend.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Fathers

  1. Dear Dad, I’m not scared that this month brings about the fact that you are gonna grow a little older. So I pray for strength for you, and that the Lord meets all you heart desires. Happy new month, dad.
  2. May all that you lay your hands upon thrive, prosper and flourish, dad. May that be the blessing of heaven that October has to offer. Happy New Month, Dad.
  3. It’s another month, dad. Thanks for who you are and all that you do. Miracles shall surround you this month. More grace and strength now and beyond. Happy New Month, daddy. I love you.
  4. Greater grace will come to you in this phase, dad. And over all of we your children you will have a constant cause to laugh. Happy October, papa.
  5. Provisions, provisions and even more provisions will October bring. Your barns will be full and your cup run over, daddy. Happy new month sir.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Mothers

  1. Dear mom, it is your turn to laugh, and your strength to double. Your bones will brim with life and your body be renewed by His glorious might. Happy new month, ma.
  2. Thank you for all that you are and do, mom. May the Lord bring answers to your prayers in this month of October. I really love and cherish you ma.
  3. Special blessings will October bring, mommy. So much peace and rest for you on every side, ma. Happy new month.
  4. As a new month starts today, my heart desires for you, mom, are that you have several reasons for celebrations, that you enjoy goodwill from all round and that you experience every kind of blessings. Happy New Month, mommy.

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