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Seek God Early

New Month Text Messages and Wishes for November 2023

New Month Text Messages For Your Loved Ones November 2023.

It’s November! Cheers!!!

It’s another good time to send good wishes to our friends, families, and loved ones, and say some words of prayers to them too. This page has a variety of messages that you can share on your social media stories or email to your parents, spouse, friends, or family members.

New Month Text Messages and Wishes for November 2022
New Month Text Messages and Wishes for November 2022

Happy New Month Text Messages for Spouse

  1. Hello, sweetheart.  November is here with a bang! The best of months it’ll be for us. We do more for God and each other this month, my sweetheart. I love you now, today, and forever.
  2. Most days, I am happy you are mine. And some days, I am very happy you are mine. Today is one of those days. Happy new month, sugar.
  3. The November sun arises upon us with great expectations and hope that will not be cut short. The field are ripe and the season of answers are here dear. Happy new month, baby.
  4. Hey Baby. Goodness and mercies shall follow us this month, not as a memory verse, but as a reality of God’s mighty act. You have my support and trust always, best baby.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Friends – November 2023

  1. Buddy, another November is here to remind us of another opportunity to scale the heights and so life big. God strengthen us today, tomorrow and always as we embark on the journey of purpose. Happy new month my friend.
  2. October is only a teaser of the goodness, mercy and favour of God that are to come. May November surpass all of those witht he goodies and God’s gifts that it brings. Cheers to another new month friend.
  3. Hey friend. October brought us some challenges but I am happy we overcame. November is a month to take giant strides and even stick together. You have my backing always. We go for the win. Happy new month, friend.
  4. Happy new month best friend. We smash our goals this month in the name of Jesus. I am positive this month brims with a lot of goodies and I want us to prayerfully secure them.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Fathers

  1. Hello Daddy, it’s your baby wishing you the best of days and experiences in this new month of November. Once your baby, always your baby. Happy new month daddy.
  2. The days are ticking and the months rolling over. But I pray for an unchanging and unwavering strength for you. May your strength not fail dad. Happy new month.
  3. November draws us closer to another reunion with you dad and the rest of us. I pray that you be happy and strong and spend many more Novembers with us. Happy new month, daddy.
  4. Greater grace will come to you in this phase, dad. And over all of us your children you will have a constant cause to laugh. Happy October, papa.
  5. Provisions, provisions and even more provisions will October bring. Your barns will be full and your cup run over, daddy. Happy new month sir.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Mothers

  1. Happy new month mother. It is not an overstatement that you bring a lot of joy to my heart and give me reasons to succeed. I pray for many months and years for you to remain in my corner. Happy new month, mom.
  2. I could easily recount many happy memories you gave us all mommy, how you were strong for us when we needed it the most and bore us in your careful tender arms. I pray that the Lord continue to spare you to witness and enjoy our success. Happy new month mommy, fresh joy and strength.
  3. I love you mom, and the first day of a new month is a good day to reiterate that. May your earnest prayers receive loads and abundance of answers this new month. Happy new month, mommy.
  4. As a new month starts today, my heart desires for you, mom, are that you have several reasons for celebrations, that you enjoy goodwill from all round and that you experience every kind of blessings. Happy New Month, mommy.

New Month Text Messages and Wishes for November 2023

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