Seek God Early
Seek God Early

New Month Text Messages and Wishes for February 2024

New Month Text Messages For Your Loved Ones.

Happy New Month, and welcome to the month of Love.

New month comes with great expectations, hopes, and possibilities, inspiring prayers and wishes that you may want to share with your loved ones to let them know how you feel about and toward them, as well as to bolster and encourage them. This page has a variety of messages that you can share on your social media stories or email to your parents, spouse, friends, or family members.


Happy New Month Text Messages for Spouse – February

  1. Happy New Month babe, this month I pray that God causes his face to shine upon you, and answers the petitions of your heart.
  2. Hey Love, witnessing another new month with you is such a beautiful thing, Happy new month baby, Thank you for being a blessing to me and the children. We love you!
  3. My King /Queen, Happy New Month baby, may we accomplish all our set goals this month in Jesus name, and may we experience good health and harmony.
  4. Treasure, it is another new month for exploit in this marriage and all we set out to do. I pray we grow deeper in love and understanding towards each other. Thank You for being a happy Place for the Children and I.
  5. Happy New Month my love, I pray that this new month marks the fulfillment of our plans and aspirations. Our businesses expand and our marriage and children are blessed.  I love you greatly!


February Happy New Month Text Messages for Friends

  1. Hey Bestie, Happy new month dear, this month I pray you excel in your academics, career pursuit, and all your hands findeth to do.
  2. This New month I pray God sends you help as you plan on the next step to take in your pursuit. Health and vitality I pray for you! Happy new month, I really care about you.
  3. Happy New Month dearest friend, I see your diligence in making sure that you achieve your set goals, and I pray that God grants and send you help. Thank you for being an amazing friend.
  4. Happy New Month, may this season usher in divine blessings that eyes haven’t seen, ears not heard, nor perceived by man.
  5. This Month I pray for you that new doors of favour, lifting and progress are opened for you, and your love for God will never know limits in Jesus name.


Happy New Month Text Messages for Fathers – FEBRUARY

  1. My Daddy, Happy New Month, this month I pray for God’s Blessings upon you, and I ask for strength upon all body in all you do.
  2. Dear Dad, This month shall be for you a month of unexplainable wealth, harvest responds to you quickly and you live in good health and peace of mind.
  3. I pray for you Daddy that your strength is renewed each passing day, you become a wonder to your mates, and as you age, your bones become stronger! Thank you Daddy for all you do, I love you greatly. Happy New Month.
  4. This New Month Dad, I pray God satisfies you with long life in Good health to reap the fruits of your labour. happy New Month Papi! I love You!
  5. Grace upon grace for you this month Dad, you experience all round ease in all your hands findeth to do.


Happy New Month Text Messages for Mothers

  1. Sweet Mum, Happy New Month, God bless and make his face shine upon you, youre shielded from every mishap. I Love you Mum.
  2. Happy New Month Mummy, over your life and business I pray for an increase, you excel in all your hands findeth to do.
  3. Thank you for all that you are and do, Mom. May the Lord bring answers to your prayers in this month. I really love and cherish you ma.
  4. This month as you age, I pray for strength in your bone marrow, your strength will not fail you, you become a wonder to your mates. Happy New Month mummy.
  5. It is a privilege to be called your child Mummy, Happy New Month, I pray you shall be alive to reap the fruits of your labour in good health and sound mind. I Love You!

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