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Joyce Meyer’s Biography – Up to Date Information About Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is One of the top teachers of the practical Bible/Christianity. She is a best-selling author on the New York Times, and millions of people have found hope and healing via her Books and teachings. She lectures through Joyce Meyer Ministries on a variety of subjects with an emphasis on how the Bible is relevant to our daily lives.

Read about Joyce Meyer’s life, net worth, marriage, ministry and beliefs, books, others on this page.

Joyce Meyer Ministries
Joyce Meyer Ministries

Who Is Joyce Meyer?

Joyce Meyer is an American Preacher and founder of Joyce Meyer’s Ministries, a Ministry set aside to teach the importance of applying Biblical principles into our daily lives. Joyce Meyer is also the founder of the Program ”Enjoying Everyday Life” a program that reaches millions of people through Television, radio and Online Media Outlets.

Joyce is the Author of Numerous books. Joyce has authored 130 books, which have been published in 155 languages, have been translated. Her novels have been given away for free to readers all over the world in excess of 37 million times, and each year millions of copies are sold.

In addition, Joyce founded Project GRL, a movement born from her desire to help women and girls who are excluded by society or their environment realize their full potential. These initiatives assist the girl child in finding their genuine calling in Christ by guiding, healing, and loving them.

Joyce Meyer’s Early Life / Marriage

Joyce Meyer, was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She learned how to deal with her past sorrow and live a life full of genuine love, hope, peace, and joy by applying God’s Word to her life. She now wants to assist others in doing the same.  Joyce’s annual Love Life Women’s Conference Since its inception more than 37 years ago, has brought hundreds of thousands of women from all over the world for a life-changing weekend with Joyce.

God has given Joyce the opportunity to share Christ and love people all over the world. Along with domestic and international speaking engagements, Joyce instructs thousands of additional people each year at conferences across the United States.

The mission of Hand of Hope, a division of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is built on Joyce’s love for helping the hurting. Worldwide humanitarian initiatives like food programs, healthcare, clean water access, and disaster aid are offered through Hand of Hope.

Who is Joyce Meyer’s Husband?

Joyce is married to Dave Meyer, they have been together for more than 55 years, live in the St. Louis region, and have four grown children who all contribute significantly to various facets of the ministry. They are dedicated to spreading the straightforward yet potent message of loving others and sharing Christ as a family and as a ministry.

Joyce Meyer’s Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries has been able to spread God’s love and the game-changing message of the Bible throughout the world through TV, radio, the web, various media productions, live conferences, and mission outreaches.

The mission of Joyce Meyer Ministries is to spread the good news and demonstrate Christ’s love. Through media, instructing individuals on how to apply biblical principles to all facets of their lives and motivate God’s people to give back to their community


Joyce Meyer’s Ministry Beliefs

Joyce Meyer’s Ministries, believe in the following;

  • The Bible; the word of God which is the Final Authority of a believer. Every solution to a person’s difficulties is found in the Bible, which is the inerrant, inspired word of God.
  • The Trinity
  • The return of Christ
  • Salvation
  • Water Baptism
  • Stewardship
  • Healing
  • Communion with God
  • The Body of Christ
  • Worship/ prayer
  • Honor to both God and Man
  • Evangelism

Joyce Meyer’s Books

Joyce Meyer Ministries offers a selection of books, CDs, and DVDs for people of all ages.

Top Books By Joyce Meyer

  • 5 Habits you cant live without
  • A New way of living
  • Authentically, Uniquely You
  • Battlefield of the mind
  • Be Joyful
  • Be Still
  • Beauty for ashes
  • Building faith
  • Change your words, change your life
  • Confidently you

To Purchase a copy of  Joyce Meyer’s Best selling books, You can Click here. Joyce Meyer’s audio sermons and videos are available on his official website

Joyce Meyer’s Sermon

Joyce Meyer teaches a wide range of individuals from across different nations through her daily Devotionals, Audio Sermons, videos and the likes

To get Joyce Meyer’s Teachings, you can Click here.

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Joyce Meyer’s Devotion

The Joyce Meyer Devotional is a message of Christ that brings comfort to those who are grieving, leads and illuminates the way for everyone who seeks Him.

Click here to be a partaker of the Joyce Meyer Ministries devotional.

Joyce Meyer’s Net-worth

How much is pastor Joyce Meyer’s worth?

According to the New York times, Joyce Meyer ranks as one of the best sellers, also on On Time Magazine’s 2005 list of the “25 Most Influential Evangelicals,” she came in at number 17. She now travels on her private aircraft from engagement to engagement as a very well-liked public speaker.

Joyce Meyer is worth $8 Million Dollars.

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