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Chuck Swindoll’s ‘Insight for Today’ Daily Devotional is here. Insight for Today provides practical, relevant insight into today’s issues with Biblical principles applied. This devotional will help you connect with God on a daily basis, while also equipping you with a Bible-based approach to transforming your everyday life. Insight for Today” is a daily devotional written by Chuck Swindoll.

Chuck Swindoll Daily Devotional Insight For living
Chuck Swindoll Daily Devotional

The Topic of Chuck Swindoll Daily Devotional 22nd April 2024 is “Traveling Well”.

Scriptures: Acts 16:11–15


Whether you are traveling as a missionary or in the midst of your personal profession, God would have you travel as Paul traveled. I observe four enduring principles that will help you maximize your effectiveness for Christ, wherever you may go.

1. When you travel, don’t go alone. Stay close to at least one other person, ideally your mate. If not your mate, a family member. If not a family member, a close companion. But stay close. Think back. Call to mind those with whom Paul traveled. If at all possible, avoid traveling alone. If you’re lonely, a companion is there to lift your spirits. If you get into trouble, a companion is there to help get you through. Two are better than one. Three are better than two.

2. When you travel, don’t lose touch with home. Stay accountable. Paul’s heart stayed close to home. While away, he stayed in touch. When he returned he gave his reports. When he was with his men, he willingly gave an account of his ministry. When he wrote the letters, he was often vulnerable.

3. When you travel, don’t believe everything you hear. Someone has said, “An authority is anyone who’s one hundred miles away from home.” Because I’m fairly well known, when I travel, people show up thinking they’re going to be impressed. If they were around me more, they’d know better. When you travel, occasionally you’ll meet folks who will almost worship you. (It happened to Paul.) Don’t let them. On the opposite extreme, others will reject and mistreat you. Don’t be derailed by naysayers. A few may even conspire against you. Keep your eyes on the goal. Focus on the Lord, and none of that will get you down.

4. When you travel, don’t become aloof. It’s easy in the busyness of travel to become a wax figure. Untouchable. Picking up the “circuit lingo,” the clichés of the road, and losing touch with reality. Resist that sort of superficiality. Stay available. Stay real. People need a real, authentic you. Not perfect, authentic.

By observing these four principles, you will maximize your impact for Christ and travel well.

About Chuck Swindoll Daily Devotional “Today’s Insight”.

Today’s Insight is written by Chucks Swindoll. Chuck Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God’s Word and His grace. Since 1988 he has served as the founder and senior pastor-teacher of Stonebriar Community Church in Texas, but his listening audience extends far beyond a local church body. The radio broadcast of this devotional program has aired for more than 35 years. Read more.

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