Seek God Early
Seek God Early



Our Daily Bread for today is here.  Give us this day our daily bread (Matthew 6:11).

The word of God is food to the spirit man. “Eat and digest” the word of the Lord for today and let its unchanging power nuture your faith and help in your daily walk to Christ.

Our Daily Bread Devotional

The Topic of Our Daily Bread For 13th April  2024 is “The God of Order”

Bible in a Year: 1 Samuel 22-24, Luke 12:1-31

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:2 NRSV

The earth was complete chaos, and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.

Today’s Scripture & Insight: Genesis 1:1-10

The book of Genesis (meaning “beginning” or “origin”) is attributed to Moses, along with the four Old Testament books that follow (known collectively as the Torah or Pentateuch). This Genesis narrative outlines the origin of the world, the human race, sin, and the Jewish people. Moses was well educated “in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” (Acts 7:22) and may have had access to Jacob’s records or other sources, along with the stories passed down through the generations.

In the Pentateuch, we read that God instructed Moses to write down His words (Exodus 17:14; 34:27), and that he obeyed (24:4; Numbers 33:2; Deuteronomy 31:9). Throughout the Old Testament, others point to his authorship (1 Kings 2:3; 2 Chronicles 34:14). Jesus Himself refers to “the Book of Moses” (Mark 12:26). But Moses didn’t write on his own. He wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21).

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Seth took all the medications he could find in the medicine cabinet. Raised in a family filled with brokenness and disorder, his life was a mess. His mom was regularly abused by his father until his dad took his own life. Now Seth wanted to “just end” his own. But then a thought came to mind, Where do I go when I die? By God’s grace, Seth didn’t die that day. And in time, after studying the Bible with a friend, he received Jesus as his Savior. Part of what drew Seth to God was seeing the beauty and order in creation. He said, “I . . . see things that are just beautiful. Someone made all this.”

In Genesis 1, we read of the God who indeed created all things. And although “the earth was complete chaos” (v. 2 nrsv), He brought order out of disorder. He “separated the light from the darkness” (v. 4), placed land amid the seas (v. 10), and made plants and creatures according to their “kinds” (vv. 11-12, 21, 24-25). The One who “created the heavens and earth and put everything in place” (Isaiah 45:18 nlt) continues to, as Seth discovered, bring peace and order to lives surrendered to Christ.

Life can be chaotic and challenging. Praise God that He’s not “a God of disorder but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). Let’s call out to Him today and ask Him to help us find the beauty and order He alone provides.

Reflect & Pray

What chaos are you experiencing in your life? How can God help you bring order and peace to it?

Creator God, thank You for the peace and order You alone provide. In You, broken things become beautiful.

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