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Up to Date Information About Max Lucado.

Max Lucado is a preacher, public speaker and one of the best-selling author of inspirational books. In his own words, he says that he “writes books for people who don’t read books.” His messages are for the suffering, the guilty, the lonely, and the discouraged.

Max Lucado's Profile, Sermon, Books
Max Lucado’s Profile, Sermon, Beliefs, Livestream

Who Is Max Lucado?

Max Lucado of the Oak hills church is a renowned Author and Pastor known for fusing pastoral heartfelt comedy and beautiful narratives. In the beginning of each of his sermons at Oak Hills Church, which served as the basis for all of his trade books, Max would ask himself, “What can I say on Sunday that will still matter on Monday?” By Christianity Today and Reader’s Digest, he has been tagged as “America’s Pastor” and “The Best Preacher in America.”

Over 145 million copies of Max’s books have been sold globally in more than 50 different languages. In 1985, he released On the Anvil, his debut trade book. On September 28, 2021, his 43rd trade book, ”You Were Made for This Moment”: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow, was published.

Max’s books frequently show up on bestseller lists, such as those published by The New York Times. Songs, greeting cards, Bible commentaries and other publications have all used his writing. The ECPA Pinnacle Award for 2021 goes to him in recognition of his remarkable contribution to the publishing sector.

Max Lucado Early Life / Marriage

While growing up in the Texas town of Andrews, Max developed a liking for regular people. His mother was a nurse, his father worked as an oilfield mechanic, and Max spent a lot of time chasing after or avoiding his brother Dee which made him develop rebellious tendencies as a teenager, and after one particularly inebriated night, he started to question whether there was anything more to life than going out and pursuing ladies. According to him, if Jesus hadn’t discovered him and transformed his heart, he would have been an alcoholic. Max Lucado is was born in January 11, 1955.

Who is Max Lucados wife?

Max Lucado met his wife Denalyn in Florida, got married and started planting Churches in Rio de Janeiro. With three daughters and two grandchildren Currently, Max and His wife Denalyn live in San Antonio, Texas.

Max Lucado Ministries

Oak Hills Church Pastored by Lead Minister Travis Eades and Teaching Minister Max Lucado, for more than sixty years has been on a remarkable journey. The Ministry was founded in 1958 Founded as a local church plant on Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, Texas.

Oak Hills Church envision a community Where people  live, work, learn, and play, with a picture of disciples boldly confronting culture with the hope of Jesus.

Oak Hills Vision/ Mission

At Oak Hills Church, members are compelled by the gospel to follow Jesus moment by moment by living bravely and lovingly.

Oak Hills Mission
We are disciples who make disciples by guiding all people to follow Jesus moment by moment.

Oak Hills Vision
We envision a community of disciples courageously engaging culture with the hope of Jesus where we live, work, learn, and play.

Oak Hills Beliefs

At Oak Hills Church, the word of God is Strictly Adhered to. Oak Hills is a bible teaching and believing church. They believe in God, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Church, and Christ, Baptism, Christ return.

Max Lucado Books

Max Lucado through his inspirational books preaches Love, Peace and Hope to the broken hearted and those finding it difficult to forgive and yield to God.

Top Books By Max Lucado

  • Help Is Here By Max Lucado
  • Anxious for Nothing By Max Lucado
  • You will get through this By Max Lucado
  • Grace By Max Lucado
  • You can count on God by Max Lucado
  • Start With Prayer By Max Lucado
  • You Were Made for This Moment By Max Lucado
  • You Are Never Alone By Max Lucado
  • Jesus, the God Who Knows Your Name By Max Lucado
  • Trade Your Cares for Calm By Max Lucado

To Purchase a copy of Max Lucado’s Best selling books, You can Click here.

Max Lucado’s Sermon

The sole aim of Max Lucado’s teaching ministry is to inspire people to move one step closer to following Jesus Christ. Max Lucado daily teaches believers through his daily devotionals, Podcasts and Blog.

To get Max Lucado’s Teachings, you can Click here.

Max Lucado’s Live Stream Services

For an upsurge experience in Gods presence, Watch the Sunday worship service at Oak Hill easily via the livestream. Their Sunday service is broadcast live from Oak Hills Church | 19595 IH 10 W in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States of America.

To connect to the Live Broadcast and watch the Oak Hills Church services, click the play button below.

Oakhills Church Sunday Service

Oak Hills Live Services

This Sunday, you may attend the life-altering encounter at Oak Hills Church by participating in their online service. Their Sunday services will be held as follows:

First Service: 9:00 A.M. In-Person and Online

Second Service: 10:30 A.M. In-Person and Online

All times stated are at the Central Daylight Time (CDT)

You may also find more information about Max Lucado’s Sunday service here

Max Lucado’s Devotion

Max Lucado Daily Devotional
Max Lucado Daily Devotional

Max Lucado’s devotional is a clear manifestation of God’s love for those who are suffering, those having  guilt in their hearts, alone, and dejected. Through his spirit filled devotional, Max is seeking to stir hope and faith alive in you.

Click here to be a partaker of the Max Lucado Ministries devotional

Max Lucado’s Net-worth

How much is pastor Max Lucado worth?

The American Preacher who is a famous writer and author of books, has sold over 145 million copies of books in over 5o languages worldwide.

Currently, Max Lucado worth over $10 Million dollars.

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