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Kenneth Copeland Sunday Service is now Live online, Worshipers who desire to be a part of this ongoing service can now stream Live on this page.

The goal of Kenneth Copeland Ministries is to spread the Word of Faith by showing believers who they are in Christ Jesus. This involves moving them from the Word’s milk to its meat and from its religious aspects to its practical applications.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Sunday Service At Kenneth Copeland Ministries 4th December 2022

Experience an Upsurge in God’s Presence this Sunday, join the Kenneth Copeland Ministries for an Amazing Sunday service either in Person or You can Stream online here.

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries run a Live TV for broadcast on Sundays and Daily Broadcast on week days. Below is the time schedule for Broadcast.

Days Airtime  (ET)(M-F)3:00 a.m.(M-F)7:00 a.m.(M-F)11:00 a.m.(M-F)2:30 p.m.(M-F)7:00 p.m.(M-F)10:00 p.m.

Click the play button below to join the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Live Sunday Service.

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How Do I Connect To Kenneth  Copeland Ministries Sunday Service December 4th 2022?

To be a part of the KCM Sunday Worshiper, Click the play button above to begin and you will be connected to their Live broadcast, or via YouTube Here.

Also, the Kenneth Copeland Ministries on a daily basis do Broadcast touching diverse areas of a believers Life. To connect and benefit from the life-transforming messages from Kenneth Copeland Click here.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Church Sunday Service Ministers December 4th 2022

Who would be Ministering at KCM this Sunday?

The Lead pastors of KCM,  Pastor Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland would be ministering Live this sunday alongside other ministers.

Today’s Word by Kenneth Copeland December 4th 2022


KEY VERSE: Mark 11:25

And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught against any

Few people realize just how closely connected faith and forgiveness are. Jesus taught about that connection in His sermon on mountain-moving faith that’s recorded in Mark 11:22-26.

He said, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And when ye stand praying, forgive” (verses 24-25).

Jesus backed those two sentences up together on purpose. He wanted us to know that releasing those who have wronged us is fundamental to receiving from God. He wanted to impress on our hearts the fact that we cannot have our prayers answered and hold grudges in our hearts at the same time.

Unforgiveness clogs the faith channel and keeps you powerless against the mountains in your life!

If you’ve been praying for something and you just can’t seem to get an answer, check your heart for unforgiveness. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring any grudge that’s hidden there to light. Unclog the channel of faith and you will soon see things you’ve been praying for come to pass.

About Kenneth Copeland Ministries

In order to successfully spread the good news of salvation in Christ to everyone, Kenneth Copeland Ministries has offices spread out over the world. If you require prayer, Christian teaching resources, or support from Partner Service, Click Here.

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