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Hillsong is a church that honors God and people and upholds the teachings of Christ. Their sessions are broadcast from the church headquarters to Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa & Middle East.

Phil Dooley
Phil Dooley

Sunday Service Times At Hillsong Church 4th December 2022

The Hillsong Church holds their services both in the Morning and Evening. For an Upsurge Experience in Gods Presence with deep worship, join the Hillsong church for an Amazing Sunday service either in Person or You can Stream online.

Hillsong Church Holds her Sunday services online as follows;

Hillsong Sunday Morning Service Time

First Service: 10:00AM

Second Service: 12:00PM

Third service: 2:00PM AEST

Hillsong Sunday Evening Service Time

First Service: 5:30PM

Second Service: 7:30PM

Third Service: 9:30PM AEST

How Do I Connect To Hillsong Church Sunday Service 4th December 2022?

Click the  play button below to Join the Hillsong Church for an amazing Sunday worship in God’s presence today. 

Hillsong Sunday Service

You are watching Hillsong Church Sunday Service.

To be a part of the Hillsong Church Sunday Worshiper, Click the play button above to begin and you will be connected to their Live broadcast, or via Youtube Here.

Also, For your kids to get involved with church, Hillsong Kids offers a variety of alternatives. Alongside every adult weekend service, they hold events and services during the week. You can get your kids connected to the Hillsong Kids Sunday Service.

  • Click here to join the Hillsong Kids  Sunday Service

Hillsong Church Sunday Service Ministers

who will be Ministering Live this Sunday at Hillsong Church?

Pastor Phil and Pastor Lucinda Dooley will be ministering this Sunday alongside other Music minsters like Taya Smith, Reuben Morgan ,Joel Houston, Brooke Fraser Ligertwood, Marty Sampson.

Today’s Word From Pastor Phil Dooley

There’s really no point in working with people who don’t like you. They might be brilliant at what they do. But if there’s no connection or chemistry, it’s not going to work out. Better to acknowledge this and let them go, or leave where you are and find a place where you connect and can grow.
At the same time, keep in mind that no team is perfect; everyone has a different personality and brings something unique and special to the table on a high-performance team. The last thing you want is a team in which everyone acts the same, looks the same and says the same thing.
I believe it’s possible to build a team of high performers, who achieve more together than they could on their own, while enjoying the journey, growing together and learning from the uniqueness that each individual brings.

About Hillsong Church

Hillsong is a church that has a genuine love for Worship, they honor God and people and are enthusiastic about the local church while upholding the teachings of christ. With a mandate to see God’s kingdom established all over the world by the gift of salvation in Christ,  Hillsong Church reports 150,000 regular attendees globally, in over 30 countries and still counting.

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