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Andrew Wommack is an American Television Evangelist and faith healer. In 1978, he established Andrew Wommack Ministries, and in 1994, he established Charis Bible College (formerly known as Colorado Bible College). 

Andrew Wommack Ministries
Andrew Wommack Ministries

In 1969, Andrew Wommack began to preach, along the line in 1972, he got married to his wife Jamie, they both had two sons, Joshua and Jonathan Peter, and served as the pastors of three growing churches at that time. In 1976, Andrew debuted his Gospel Truth radio program in Childress, Texas, on a  western station. Wommack launched his own daily radio and television program when he joined Trinity Broadcasting Network’s schedule.


  • FOUNDING DAY: AWM was founded in the year 1978.
  • HEADQUARTERS: The headquarters is located in Woodland, Colorado
  • FOUNDER: The founder of AWM is Andrew Wommack
  • CURRENT LEADERS: Andrew Wommack, Jamie Womack


Andrew Wommack, who is only eight years old, began to experience rebirth. He avoided the typical teenage rebellion, but he still thought he could establish a connection with the Lord by his own virtue. On March 23, 1968, however, everything started to shift. Andrew came to the realization that, like the Pharisees whom Jesus chastised, he had become enslaved by legalism and self-righteousness. Andrew was shocked to feel God’s presence fill him with love instead of the anger of God, which he had anticipated would be directed at him. He claims that “God’s love engulfed me.” “God’s love was the strongest when I was at my weakest.” Andrew’s encounter with God profoundly altered his perspective of God and set him on a mission to influence others.

In 1976, Andrew broadcast his Gospel Truth radio program in Childress, Texas. The ministry of Andrew and Jamie had relocated to the Colorado Springs region by 1980. Their mission had grown even more clear: to impart the Gospel’s truth to the body of Christ around the world and in the United States, with a focus on God’s unfailing love and the proper relationship between grace and faith. Through speaking engagements, radio shows, and the distribution of audio cassette tapes—which were offered for free to individuals who couldn’t buy them, they were carrying out their goal. But for their ministry, God had even greater plans.

Before the year 2000, Andrew was still doing radio teaching, but God encouraged him to start doing television teaching. Years later, when his television ministry has a potential global reach of 3.2 billion people far exceeding any objective he had set up to that point.

The ministry had an exponential rise in response after going on television. It soon became clear that Andrew required a new structure to house a growing student population as well as a suitable call center and television studio. On January 31, 2002, the Lord revealed to Andrew via Psalm 78:41 that he had Limited Him with his reasoning.

Andrew began to widen his field of vision. The ministry bought a 110,000-square-foot facility in December of that year, which would house AWM and Charis for many years. The ministry is currently advancing in ways it has never before, continuing to carry out the mandate God gave Andrew to spread the Gospel as widely and deeply as possible.

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Andrew Wommack Ministries Programs

Andrew Wommack Ministries have a subsidiary ministry, which helps them achieve the mandate given to them by God.

  • ARMI: An offshoot of Andrew Wommack Ministries is the Association of Related Ministries International (A.R.M.I. (AWM).

A.R.M.I. is a special collaboration dedicated to offering tools to support like-minded pastors in their pursuit of excellence while utilizing the experience and knowledge of both the AWM and Charis Bible College personnel, Because of its strategy to offer licensed ministers and pastors encouragement and support through ongoing education and training, this minister’s association is distinctive.

  • Charis Bible College;  There are numerous extension and satellite schools for this Bible college that serve both domestically and abroad. Many people join either to answer a call from God in preparation for ministry or just to grow closer to the Lord personally. AWM disseminates Andrew’s educational resources all throughout the world, but Charis Bible College takes discipleship a step further.

Andrew Wommack Ministries Mission / Vision Statement

Andrew Wommack Ministries is saddled with the responsibility to share the gospel with the body of Christ, emphasizing, in particular, God’s unfailing love and the harmony of grace and faith.

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How do you become a member of AWM?

There is no official membership process; after three visits, you are considered a member of the Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Andrew Wommack Ministries Church Beliefs

The entire Bible is inspired by God, without error, and the authority on which we base our faith, conduct, and doctrine.

In one God who exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this earth as Savior of the world.

Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for our sins. We believe that salvation is found by placing our faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross. We believe Jesus rose from the dead and is coming again.

Water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of Christ and a testimony to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the regular taking of Communion as an act of remembering what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross.

Every believer should be in a growing relationship with Jesus by obeying God’s Word, yielding to the Holy Spirit, and by being conformed to the image of Christ.

As children of God, we are overcomers and more than conquerors, and God intends for each of us to experience the abundant life He has in store for us.

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